Revisiting September Morning Afghan

September Morning Afghan was one of my Mystery Afghans a few years ago and it never fails to have a stunning result.  The pattern consists of three 18″ motifs which, individually, would be very suitable for throw pillows too!  I am going to release each motif separately, but here is a discount code to take 20% off the price of any of this and any of my four Mystery Afghans – Hexaghan, Garden State Afghan, and Deco’Ghan.  Coupon good until August 31, 2015 is MysteryGhan.  Here are lovely versions by KinnicChick, runningyogini, Kallene, and lisatinbath:

kinnicchickrunningyoginiseptmornkallene sept mornlisatinbath


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4 thoughts on “Revisiting September Morning Afghan

  1. I can’t get the discount code (MysterySale) to work. It says it should be good until Aug. 31. I love your afghans.

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