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Faded Love as a Baby Blanket

Faded Love CAL is ongoing now, and you can chat and share on my Ravelry board or our private Facebook CAL group (Crochet-A-Long with JulieAnny.)  As ever, if you purchase yarn through my links to Deramores (US) or (UK) (Pull down menu for other countries,) I will receive a commission, thanks!  If you send me your invoice number and Ravelry name (send in a message through email , Rav, FB, or here) I will send you the pattern as a gift.   I made a smaller version as a prototype for this pattern (the join method is different) but you can see that it makes a cute baby blanket with fewer squares and colors. With the recommended yarn, Scheepjes Stonewashed XL, keep in mind that each skein of MC is good for 4 blocks, and each skein of CC is good for 3 blocks, then you’ll need 2 or 3 skeins of MC for join and border. Each block is about 8 inches, so you can get an extra small baby blanket with only 12 squares, approx 26″ x 34″ with 5 skeins MC and 4 skeins CC. A little larger baby blanket of 20 squares ( 34″ x 42″) with 7 skeins CC and 7 skeins MC.

With this one I didn’t take advantage of the 3 blocks per skein, but you get the general idea. 🙂

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Faded Love CAL Starts Next Week!


As you know, our next CAL will be Faded Love; pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry.

If you want it to look just like mine, yarn packs are available at Deramores and I’ve been assured by Scheepjes and Deramores that they are sitting on the shelf waiting to be dispatched! If you purchase the yarn pack I will send you the pattern for free, PM me your order number. If you’ve already bought it, PM me for a refund or I’ll send you another pattern.
Yarn Pack US:
Yarn Pack UK:   (Or use pulldown menu for your country)

Crochet Along with us,  share progress photos, questions, and encouragement on my Ravelry board and my private Facebook CAL group page. I will share advice and tips as we progress. It is an easy pattern and the beauty is in seeing all the colors come together. I will give dates to keep us on track, and you will have a nice new blanket in 6 weeks.

Now – September 21: Choose your yarn and buy pattern.
Week of Sept 21: 10/54 squares
Week of Sept 28: 20/54
Week of Oct 5: 30/54
Week of Oct 12: 40/54
Week of Oct 19: 50/54
Week of Oct 26:  54/54

Week of Nov. 2: Join and border.

Who is in?


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Introducing my new crocheted blanket pattern – “Faded Love ” – now available for purchase on .

Stunning in its simplicity, this versatile granny square blanket can blend in with any decor, from vintage to modern.

The square itself is easily learned, with basic crochet stitches and a few front-post stitches. For a 47” x 56” throw, you will need 20 skeins; for 56” x 83”, you will need 36. Once you master the pattern, sit back and enjoy many evenings of relaxing crochet with an impressive result. Suitable for the beginning crocheter.

Use your artist’s eye to put together your own color combinations, or follow my lead with the luscious shades of Stonewashed XL, a chunky cotton/acrylic blend.  Update:  Yarn Packs in the Stonewashed XL are available at Deramores.  Use this link (US) or this (UK) or this (Canada)  and I will get a commission. (Use the pulldown menu for other countries.)  Try mentioning my name at checkout for a 20% discount too.  If you purchase the yarn pack through my link I will send you the pattern for free  – send me a private message or email with your order number and Ravelry name.

Directions for a stretchy join are included; this join is excellent when squares vary a little in size. ”

I used 36 skeins of Stonewashed XL for this blanket in the following amounts:

18 skeins Crystal Quartz, 2 skeins Corundum Ruby, 2 skeins Amazonite, 1 skein each Red Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Garnet, Deep Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, Green Agate, Smokey Quartz, Boulder Opal, Blue Apatite, Canada Jade, Coral, New Jade, Lilac Quartz, Brown Agate

Or put together your own combination.  If you purchase from Deramores using this link US or UK or click the banner on the right side of my blog I will get a commission on your purchase.  Thanks!  First-time buyers can mention my name at check-out for a 20% discount.

I am planning to start the CAL on September 21, 2015, with pattern support on my Ravelry board, and also in my Facebook CAL group.