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MysteryGhan 2016 Yarn Requirements and Palette Suggestions


For my sample I used 21 skeins of Vanna’s Choice to complete an approximately 46″ x 72″ afghan.  (116 x 180 cm)  The recommended hook with Vanna’s Choice is a “J” (6.00 mm) but sometimes I waver between an “I”( 5.5 mm) and a “J” for this yarn.  I am also a loose crocheter.  I used a “J”, but I suggest you can go up to a “K”(6.5 mm), because the post stitches and clusters make a very thick dense fabric, and a too small hook will make it very stiff.  Use your judgement after the first clue as to which size hook you’d like to use.

I have made some palette suggestions with Vanna’s Choice.  I have no affiliation with Lion Brand, but I do love working with Vanna’s Choice, an aran-weight acrylic with a nice balance between softness and sturdiness, and a great feel between the  fingers as you work.  If you use a thinner yarn, your afghan will be smaller, but you can easily add to the size with additional motifs.

For this color scheme that I call Bright and Beachy, I used 7 skeins Beige (B), 5 skeins Aqua (E), 3 skeins Honey (F), 2 skeins Baby Aqua (A), 2 skeins Lamb (D), and 2 skeins Chocolate (C).  Baby Aqua and Lamb are discontinued, sadly, but can still be found in some stores.  You can also substitute Fisherman and Aquamarine.   Keep your eye out for coupons and free shipping deals.  $3.00 per skein is a good price.  If you get to the  Deramores.   Annies.  Amazon. Craftsy.   Patternworks  or Michaels  websites through any of my links, buttons, or banners, I get a small commission.


Here is a Lavender Heather color scheme.  For this you can use 7 skeins Silver Heather (B), 5 skeins Eggplant (E), 3 skeins Charcoal Grey (F), 2 skeins Purple (C), 2 skeins Dusty Purple (A), and 2 skeins Grey Marble (D).  Deramores.  .  Annies.  Amazon. Craftsy.   PatternworksMichaels


Here is Sweet Peas in the Morning Rain – You’ll need 7 skeins  Silver Grey (B), 5 skeins Dusty Green (E), 3 skeins Silver Heather (F), 2 skeins Wheat (D), 2 skeins Charcoal Grey (C) and 2 skeins Olive (A). .  Deramores.  .  Annies.  Amazon. Craftsy.   PatternworksMichaels


I call this one Soft Adobe; you’ll need 7 skeins Beige (B), 5 skeins Terracotta (E), 3 skeins Honey (F), 2 skeins Brick (C), 2 skeins Mustard (A), 2 skeins Dusty Green (D).  Deramores.  .  Annies.  Amazon. Crafts.   PatternworksMichaels


This one is called Comfort – 7 skeins Taupe (B), 5 skeins Dusty Green (E), 3 skeins Linen (F), 2 skeins Silver Blue (A), 2 skeins Grey Marble (D), 2 skeins Barley (C).  Deramores.  .  Annie’s.  Amazon. Craftsy.   PatternworksMichaels

If you would like to pick your own colors that is fine of course, but keep in mind that Color A ( 7 skeins) and Color B (5 skeins) should have good contrast.

Mystery Afghan 2016

Placeholder clue for Sweet Pea Afghan is up! This will be our 2016 Mystery Afghan, with first clue to be given out September 7, 2016. Coupon Code is SWEETPEA, good until September 6, 2016. Pattern will be released clue by clue over a period of 6 – 8 weeks. If you download the placeholder clue now you will receive all clues as updates at no charge. If you miss the pre-sale, the pattern will be available at regular price and given out week by week and you are welcome to CAL. More info soon.