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Summer Mosaic Clue 1 Photos

Here are a few photos for Clue 1.  Round 3 Front and Round 3 Back which also appeared in the mini-clue are a little tricky.  In Round 3 Front you have to put a front post single crochet  around the post of the stitch below in Round 2, then chain 2, then another front post single crochet around the same post.  Without skipping or chaining, you move on to the second stitch with the same (fpsc, ch 2, fpsc) around the post, and repeat for each of the  remaining 22 st in the round.

I changed color to make it more clear.  This is the ch-1 to start the round (but in a different color.)


After the ch-1 you insert your hook from front to back to front around the post of the first st of the round (in this case the first st is the ch-3 which counts as a dc.)



Here is what it looks like after the first fpsc around the ch-2 post:




After the (sc, ch 2, sc) around the first post:



Here we are going right on to the second dc from Round 2, and working the fpsc around it:



Here are 6 stitches with the (fpsc, ch 2, fpsc) worked.IMG_1188


Completed Round 3 Front:



Now for Round 3 Back, hold piece toward you and peek behind these last completed stitches.  This is in two colors so it is easier to see, but you can see the unworked loops of Round 2 behind.  It is into these unworked loops of Round 2 that we will work Round 3 Back.  Easy peasy.


Now join your yarn with a slip stitch and carry on.


Later in Round 8, here is a photo of where you place your Fptr.  If you find it hard to keep your post stitch loose, you can add an extra “yo” and make it a Fpdtr.



Summer Mosaic Mystery Clue Schedule

DERAMORES UPDATE JULY 24, 2015 – Some yarnpack orders were delayed due to a huge warehouse move. I have been assured that all pending orders were being worked on today and that further orders are available for same day dispatch.

It is almost time for the beginning of our Mystery Afghan Crochet-a-Long!  I will start sending out the clues at the end of next week.  I had originally said August 1, but then I thought of changing to July 31 so that everyone would have the clue on Friday for weekend crocheting.  So I think I’ll actually send it out Thursday night my time (EST – New York) so everyone will have it on Friday (Hello, Australians!)

I will post photo tutorials for the tricky parts here on the blog. (Not too many; it is an easy pattern.) We can discuss the pattern here, on my Facebook page (CAL group,) and on my Ravelry board.  On Ravelry I have a Spoiler thread where photos are welcomed, and a No Spoiler thread for people who have questions but do not want to see yet how the mystery develops.

I hope you enjoy the Mystery aspect; I’m trying to keep you on your toes and guessing as long as possible as to what the afghan is going to look like.

Please “LIKE” my Facebook page ( I have 4,500 likes and some crochet bloggers have 200,000, so I am seriously slacking here,) post photos everywhere, and spread the word about Julie Yeager designs!

Clue 1:  July 31, 2015

Clue 2:  August 7, 2015

Clue 3:  August 14, 2015  (short clue, catch-up time)

Clue 4:  August 21, 2015

Clue 5:  August 28, 2015

Clue 6:  September 4, 2015

Clue 7:  September 11, 2015 (short, optional clue, catch-up time)

Clue 8 (Final Clue):  September 18, 2015