Courtyard Tiles Afghan in Purple!

This is such a pretty version of Courtyard Tiles Afghan that ViviLion posted to Ravelry.  She came up with a way of cutting down on the number of ends by carrying the purple yarn across the back loops and the white yarn in the front loops.  So nice.


Did you know the 8-pointed star shape is  called an octogram and is prominent in the symbolism of many cultures and religions?  The Star of Lakshmi represents the Hindu eight pillars of wealth:

star of lakshmi

It is also found in the Islamic culture; this is a ceramic tile in the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 13th Century Iran.

tile islamic

In Christianity, the eight-pointed star is called the Star of Redemption, and many baptismal fonts are octagonal:



I’ve seen hardwood floor inlays:

hardwood floor medallion

Sol Lewitt painted this Stars 8-Pointed  in 1996:

Sol Lewitt -stars-8-pointed-1996

And we’re all familiar with gorgeous quilts with the star motif:

Hunters Star

I guess I’m in good company with my Eight-Pointed Flower from 2012 (this by Katsgrace):

Eight Pointed Flower katsgrace


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