Addictive Crocheting

It is a beautiful Sunday in New York, and my daughter and I enjoyed the day as she prepared mentally for her first full week back to school.  She is a hard-working 11th grader.  Whenever I have a minute, I grab one of my Modern Flowers and hook a few rounds.  The pattern is so much fun and keeps pulling me back in!  This one is going to be in three colors of a self-striping yarn with some olive green solids and framed in beige.  I am using a K hook to keep it nice and drape-y.

photo (18)

I love this pattern!

modern blanket of flowers on deck

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2 thoughts on “Addictive Crocheting

  1. You are a very talented designer, Julie. Thank you for sharing your designs with the world. I have just returned to crocheting after a long break. Looking forward to trying your designs.

  2. Beautiful! I have lots of red heart unforgettable that would lovely done in this pattern. Thank you Julie for all the work you put into ALL your patterns.

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