New Pattern – 7 Day Blanket

I have been seeing oversized chunky knit throws in all the home decorating department stores – some are done with arm-knitting or large needles – here is your quick and easy crocheted version!  Two stripes a day (12 rows!) for a 7-Day project.  Quick work with multiple strands and a huge hook. I used three strands of Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca and a Q hook for a soft and cushy blanket, perfect for sitting under on the couch on these cold New York winter days.

The pattern calls for 18 skeins (3600 yards) of #4 yarn. I’m publishing it here free of charge for fans of the blog, but if you would like an ad-free version it is available on Ravelry and Etsy at a low introductory price of $2.99. If you would like a Print-Friendly version, click on the post.

7-Day Blanket by Julie Yeager Designs

Pattern uses U.S. Crochet Terms


Yarn:  Medium Weight #4  –  Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca (90% Acrylic, 10% Alpaca), 3.5 oz/100g – 207 yd/190 m per skein.  Used a total of 18 skeins for 40” x 70”  size, holding three strands together, for a total of 3600 yards. (Link to Purchase on Lion Brand)

MC – Taupe: 7 skeins A – Cream: 3 skeins B – Blue: 1 skein

C – Blush: 3 skeins D – Oxford Grey: 1 skein E – Olive: 1 skein

F – Dusty Blue: 1 skein G – Charcoal: 1 skein 

Hook: Size Q (15.75 mm) (Link to Purchase on Amazon)

Gauge: 6 st and 5 rows per 4”

Size: 40” x 70” 

Abbreviations and Notes

Ch – chain dc – double crochet sc – single crochet st – stitch

Tips when working rows back and forth:  This is simple and basic but I sometimes need a reminder especially if I have been working granny squares and continuous round blankets where I never turn my work.  When turning after every row, you are working into the two strands to the left of your stitch.  With single crochet, your first chain does not count as a stitch so you start right in the first stitch.  With double crochet, your beginning ch-3 counts as a stitch so you skip that first stitch.  In this pattern, every row starts with a single crochet so you chain 1, then single crochet in that first stitch, the two strands to the left of your single crochet, the last single crochet in the previous round.  Just remember in this stitch pattern, every row starts and ends with a single crochet, and you work single crochet into single crochet and double crochet into double crochet.

Carrying 3 strands:  At least 1 strand of MC is carried throughout the blanket, so you can keep changing skeins normally when you run out of MC.  With each color “chunk” you need 2 strands of a contrast color so I worked one strand from the center of the skein and one strand from the outside of the skein.  A few rows call for one strand each of 3 colors for blending and to adhere to yarn requirements..

Row 1: With 3 strands of MC, ch 60, sc in second ch from hook, (dc in next ch, sc in next ch) to end, ending with an sc, turn. (59 st)

Row 2:  Ch 1, sc in sc, (dc in dc, sc in sc) across, ending with an sc, turn. (59 st)

Repeat Row 2 for pattern.

Color changes.  Blanket starts and ends with a 5 row chunk of 3 strands of MC.  One strand of MC is carried along with 2 strands of another color for most sections.  There is a transition row with 3 colors between some sections.

Rows 1 – 5:  3 strands MC

Row 6: 2 strands MC, 1 strand  A

Rows 7 – 11:  1 strand MC, 2 strands A

Rows 12 – 16:  1 strand MC, 2 strands B

Row 17: 1 strand MC, 1 strand B, 1 strand C

Rows 18 – 22:  1 strand MC, 2 strands C

Rows 23 – 27:  1 strand MC, 2 strands D

Row 28:  1 strand MC, 1 strand D, 1 strand A

Rows 29 – 33:  1 strand MC, 2 strands A

Rows 34 – 38:  1 strand MC, 2 strands E

Row 39:  1 strand MC, 1 strand E, 1 strand C

Rows 40 – 44:  1 strand MC, 2 strands C

Rows 45 – 49:  1 strand MC, 2 strands F

Row 50:  1 strand MC, 1 strand F, 1 strand A

Rows 51 – 55:  1 strand MC, 2 strands A

Rows 56 – 60:  1 strand MC, 2 strands G

Row 61: 1 strand MC, 1 strand G, 1 strand C

Rows 62 – 66: 1 strand MC, 2 strands C

Rows 67 – 72:  3 strands MC.

Finish off, weave in ends.  

Add tassels:  Need 60 tassels, 30 for each short side.  For each tassel, cut 11 strands about 12” long.  I wrap them around my cell phone lengthwise to measure and cut.  Sometimes I use a CD case (if you still have one!)   (6 strands MC, 2 strands A, 2 strands C, 1 strand another color).  Loop into every other st on the short sides.

(Hold 11 strands together, being as precise with length as you would like! Fold in half, forming a loop.  Place hook through the stitch, pull loop partially through, about 2 inches.  Place hook or your finger in the loop, pull through the doubled tassel, now consisting of 22 strands.  Pull firmly to tighten.  Make sure you pull through on the same side of the fabric each time because the back and front of the tassel look different.)

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Here is a full photo:

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