MysteryGhan 2021 Yarn Needs

I’ve worked my sample in Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn, a 100% acrylic medium weight #4 yarn available at Michael’s. My palette is bright and sun-drenched like a summer vacation by the sea, mostly greens and blues, a little yellow and orange, with black and white accents. I used the following amounts:

(Impeccable skein is 4.5 oz, 127 g, 285 y, 260 m)

Impeccable at Michaels: 3 skeins each of Clear Blue and White, 2 skeins each of Sea Green and Bright Sky Blue, 1 skein each of Royal, Sunny Day, Pumpkin, Aqua, Citron, and Black

Follow my colors or work up your own from stash. If you need yarn, please purchase through my links and I will get a commission.

StyleCraft Special Aran and PaintBox Simply Aran by LoveCrafts are of a very similar weight and can be substituted with the following colors and amounts:

StyleCraft at Deramores and Wool Warehouse: 4 skeins of Cream, 3 skeins of Cloud Blue, 2 skeins each of Royal, Aspen, Empire, 1 skein each of Saffron, Spice, Cornish Blue (or Turquoise in dk), Pistachio, and Black

Paintbox Simply Aran at LoveCrafts (on sale today only): 4 skeins of Paper White, 3 skeins of Dolphin Blue, 2 skeins each of Sailor Blue, Washed Teal, Kingfisher Blue, and 1 skein Buttercup Yellow, Blood Orange, Marine Blue, Lime Green, and Pure Black

Chunky Monkey by Scheepjes is of a heavier weight and these amounts are just estimates but the colors are soo pretty and saturated that I would definitely recommend:

Chunky Monkey at Wool Warehouse and Deramores: 6 skeins of 1001, 5 skeins of 1082, 3 skeins each of 1422 and 2015, 2 skeins each of 1117, 1821, and 1002, 1 skein each of 2008, 2002, and 1068

The blanket is coming out bigger than I thought at first so if you use dk yarn it will still be a nice size.

First Clue August 16, will publish free coupon code here August 2. Free code good until CAL starts, paid pattern thereafter.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the new mysteryghan, but can’t find the code that was to come out yesterday. Is there another place than the blog I need to look? I’m not on Facebook.

    1. I was a little late with the post, it is up now. The code is KODACHROME.

  2. I’m trying to sign up for your newsletter to join the CAL & it tells me I do not have permission to add a subscriber. I don’t want to miss out on the cide to get started. Thank you!

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