Exciting things to come! And Thanks!

I am working on three blanket patterns right now, with yarn support by a major yarn company.  (EXCITING!)   The first is a simple and repetitive pattern, suitable for beginners.  The second is a floral-based motif afghan that is fun and beautiful.  The third is in the infancy stages but will BLOW YOUR MIND!  Heehee, it is super-cool.

Still hoping for a Mystery Afghan by the end of Summer.  I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet.  I like to make the mysteries mysterious, so you don’t know what’s coming as you get the clues week by week.  This makes the design process a challenge.   I’m sure it work out, and it will be a FREE pattern.

For 2016, I’m thinking of a Hexagon of the Month Club.  🙂

Thanks so much to those of you who have been using my Amazon.com link on the upper right of the page.  Log in through my link to purchase anything on Amazon, from diapers, to cereal, to laptops, to sneakers, to yarn, cds, and even (crazy thought) books!  Remember when Amazon was just books?    I get a small commission which helps to keep the free patterns coming.

And thanks of course to all of you who buy my patterns on Ravelry.com every day.  I’m very fortunate.  🙂



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5 thoughts on “Exciting things to come! And Thanks!

  1. Hopefully we get materials list early. I live 12 miles from a small Walmart with few selections, & 35 miles from larger ones & JoAnne’s to get supplies. Therefore, I only go once a week or so.

  2. Sorry for asking, but I don´t understand what I have to do to get the mini clue now.

    This is not clear to me!:
    “The first clue for the Mystery’ghan will be released August 1, 2015. You can download the first mini-clue NOW on Ravelry using Coupon Code SUMMERTIME.”

    But how do I do it??!!!

    If you can answer my concern, I will be really grateful!

    1. Varinia, Were you able to download the clue with the instructions I gave you over on my Ravelry board? These are the instructions: There is a coupon code here on the blog in the first post. You go to to Ravelry to the pattern page where it is for sale. On the pattern page, hit the button at the top right that says Buy it Now and you will get a pop-up for ravelry downloads. In the lower left of this box there is a spot for “use a coupon code”; hit that box. Then enter the code and hit apply. The price in the basket will come down to “free” and you will follow the prompts to download. 🙂

  3. You mentioned a Hexagon of the Month for 2016? I’m REALLY EXCITED about seeing that!
    No clues at all about the upcoming “Mystery” CAL? even a tiny corner hint? I’m so over-extended right now, but I LOVE mystery CALs! Did the Sophies Universe with Dedri Uys at Look at What I Made – that was exciting! and fun,…..and I think most of us learned so many new stitches and techniques along the way…which doubled the fun!

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