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Introducing my new crocheted blanket pattern – “Faded Love ” – now available for purchase on .

Stunning in its simplicity, this versatile granny square blanket can blend in with any decor, from vintage to modern.

The square itself is easily learned, with basic crochet stitches and a few front-post stitches. For a 47” x 56” throw, you will need 20 skeins; for 56” x 83”, you will need 36. Once you master the pattern, sit back and enjoy many evenings of relaxing crochet with an impressive result. Suitable for the beginning crocheter.

Use your artist’s eye to put together your own color combinations, or follow my lead with the luscious shades of Stonewashed XL, a chunky cotton/acrylic blend.  Update:  Yarn Packs in the Stonewashed XL are available at Deramores.  Use this link (US) or this (UK) or this (Canada)  and I will get a commission. (Use the pulldown menu for other countries.)  Try mentioning my name at checkout for a 20% discount too.  If you purchase the yarn pack through my link I will send you the pattern for free  – send me a private message or email with your order number and Ravelry name.

Directions for a stretchy join are included; this join is excellent when squares vary a little in size. ”

I used 36 skeins of Stonewashed XL for this blanket in the following amounts:

18 skeins Crystal Quartz, 2 skeins Corundum Ruby, 2 skeins Amazonite, 1 skein each Red Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Garnet, Deep Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, Green Agate, Smokey Quartz, Boulder Opal, Blue Apatite, Canada Jade, Coral, New Jade, Lilac Quartz, Brown Agate

Or put together your own combination.  If you purchase from Deramores using this link US or UK or click the banner on the right side of my blog I will get a commission on your purchase.  Thanks!  First-time buyers can mention my name at check-out for a 20% discount.

I am planning to start the CAL on September 21, 2015, with pattern support on my Ravelry board, and also in my Facebook CAL group.


Revisiting September Morning Afghan

September Morning Afghan was one of my Mystery Afghans a few years ago and it never fails to have a stunning result.  The pattern consists of three 18″ motifs which, individually, would be very suitable for throw pillows too!  I am going to release each motif separately, but here is a discount code to take 20% off the price of any of this and any of my four Mystery Afghans – Hexaghan, Garden State Afghan, and Deco’Ghan.  Coupon good until August 31, 2015 is MysteryGhan.  Here are lovely versions by KinnicChick, runningyogini, Kallene, and lisatinbath:

kinnicchickrunningyoginiseptmornkallene sept mornlisatinbath


Courtyard Tiles Afghan in Purple!

This is such a pretty version of Courtyard Tiles Afghan that ViviLion posted to Ravelry.  She came up with a way of cutting down on the number of ends by carrying the purple yarn across the back loops and the white yarn in the front loops.  So nice.


Did you know the 8-pointed star shape is  called an octogram and is prominent in the symbolism of many cultures and religions?  The Star of Lakshmi represents the Hindu eight pillars of wealth:

star of lakshmi

It is also found in the Islamic culture; this is a ceramic tile in the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 13th Century Iran.

tile islamic

In Christianity, the eight-pointed star is called the Star of Redemption, and many baptismal fonts are octagonal:



I’ve seen hardwood floor inlays:

hardwood floor medallion

Sol Lewitt painted this Stars 8-Pointed  in 1996:

Sol Lewitt -stars-8-pointed-1996

And we’re all familiar with gorgeous quilts with the star motif:

Hunters Star

I guess I’m in good company with my Eight-Pointed Flower from 2012 (this by Katsgrace):

Eight Pointed Flower katsgrace


Modern Blanket of Flowers CAL

There will be a CAL (Crochet Along) to my pattern Modern Blanket of Flowers over on the Vanna’s Choice Fan Club board on Ravelry March through July.  (You don’t have to use Vanna’s Choice.  I love Vanna’s Choice, but this pattern is suited to a self-striping yarn.  You can use anything, though.)  It is a friendly group that shares photos and progress.  I’m excited to see how all the versions come out!

Here’s one I love by jnmac102:


Graphic Circles Throw – New Pattern – Free with Coupon Code

photo (20)

Graphic Circles Throw is ready!  Easy beginner pattern with striking results. Simple bullseye circles with a twist – one single post stitch makes all the difference. A careful and minimalist join brings out the corner design, making for a modern and eye-catching throw.

Two colors keep it simple, but make it your own with color changes.

I used 6 skeins of Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta (170 yards per skein) and 5 skeins of Vanna’s Choice in Silver Heather (145 yards per skein) with an I hook but I am a loose crocheter. I recommend a J hook to achieve my gauge and size – the throw is about 52” x 68” with 48 motifs.

Join us for discussion, questions, pattern support, and brag photos on the Julie Yeager Designs board  on Ravelry – all are welcome; I love to see what you come up with. Make a project page to inspire others!

I would love to inspire beginning crocheters to complete their first afghan with this pattern.  I am offering the pattern free with coupon code CIRCLES for the next three months.  Offer expires April 30, 2015.  If you like the pattern, spread the word!  Please link back to this blog and do not share the coupon code.  Share the link to my blog.  Thanks!

Thanks for your interest in my patterns; please see all my designs at my Ravelry Store.

Comment on the blog – I’d love to see something to approve other than spam, lol.

The border on the left is not included with the pattern, haven’t written it up yet.

photo 2 (30)photo 1 (33)

New Pattern Ready Now – Roses and Ivy

We will be crocheting-a-long to my new afghan pattern, starting in January on my Ravelry board.  Roses and Ivy is now available for purchase.  Pattern price is $6.00 and you can take 20% off the price of the pattern by using coupon code JanuaryCAL , good until January 31, 2015.

Comprised of octagon, square, and triangle motifs, this pattern uses cluster stitches and post stitches to complete a dense and warm afghan.  The little octagons are a lot of fun to crochet.

What do you think?  🙂

photo 5 (11)

Addictive Crocheting

It is a beautiful Sunday in New York, and my daughter and I enjoyed the day as she prepared mentally for her first full week back to school.  She is a hard-working 11th grader.  Whenever I have a minute, I grab one of my Modern Flowers and hook a few rounds.  The pattern is so much fun and keeps pulling me back in!  This one is going to be in three colors of a self-striping yarn with some olive green solids and framed in beige.  I am using a K hook to keep it nice and drape-y.

photo (18)

I love this pattern!

modern blanket of flowers on deck