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Yarn Packs for the Mystery Afghan

Yarn packs for our upcoming Midday Mandala Mystery Afghan are now available in my Deramores Shop.  

See the post below for details on pattern and Crochet-a-Long.

There are 5 options under the Mystery Afghan link,  two colorways with Scheepjes Stone Washed XL and three colorways with Scheepjes Colour Crafter.

Option #1:  Turquoise Pack with Stone Washed XL contains 46 skeins for an approximately 66″ round afghan as follows:

18 skeins Moonstone 841

6 skeins Turquoise 864

1 skeins Lemon Quartz 852

1 skein Canada Jade 846

6 skeins Blue Apatite 845

7 skeins Boulder Opal 844

2 skeins Larimar 868

5 skeins Brown Agate 862

Option #2 – Sunrise Pack in Stone Washed XL, 46 skeins for an approximately 66″ round afghan as follows:

18 skeins Obsidian 869

6 skeins Coral 856

1 skein Beryl 873

1 skein Morganite 874

6 skeins Carnelian 863

7 skeins Rhodocrosite 875

2 skeins Tourmaline 876

5 skeins Deep Amethyst 851

Option #3 – Turquoise Colorway in Scheepjes Colour Crafter,  16 skeins for a 48″ round afghan with a little yarn left over to do a couple of inches of border.

5 skeins Barnevald 1005

2 skeins Eelde 1422

1 skein Delfzijl 1822

1 skein Charleroi 2016

2 skeins Dordrecht 1062

2 skeins Veenendaal 1064

1 skein Urk 1034

2 skeins Haarlem 1054

Option #4  – Sunrise Colorway in Scheepjes Colour Crafter,  16 skeins for a 48″ round afghan with a little yarn left over to do a couple of inches of border.

5 skeins Deventer 1425

2 skeins Gent 2002

1 skein Brussel 2004

1 skein The Hague 1256

2 skeins Maastricht 1246

2 skeins Breda 1029

1 skein Meppel 1061

2 skeins Roermond 1123

Option #5 – Rich Autumn Colorway in Scheepjes Colour Crafter,  13 skeins for a 48″ round afghan in a little different color arrangement than the others above but with no extra yarn.

5 skeins Dordrecht 1062

1 skein Utrecht 1009

1 skein Roermond 1123

1 skein Burum 1709

1 skein Breda 1029

1 skein Meppel 1061

1 skein Deventer 1425

1 skein Ameland 1725

1 skein Veendam 1004

Mystery Afghan 2017

Mystery Afghan 2017 is almost ready!  Placeholder mini-clue for Midday Mandala is available for download on Ravelry.  Download now using Coupon Code and you will receive weekly updates beginning September 27, 2017.  Pattern will remain in your Ravelry library at absolutely no charge.  After completion of the CAL, about November 15, 2017, pattern will become a paid pattern for new purchases.

So what is this all about?  As many of you know, this is my Seventh Annual Mystery Afghan Project!  My Mystery Afghans are presented with no photos and the final look is a mystery!  I like to keep you guessing but here are a few hints.  This year’s design is called Midday Mandala and is a round afghan of approximately 66” diameter using specified yarn.  Fabric is dense with few holes, style is contemporary with clean lines – no flowers!  Stitches are basic with a fair amount of post stitches.  Piece is worked in one piece for a portion of the time and also involves slip-stitching together various-shaped motifs.   Pattern will be free with Coupon Code on Ravelry for the duration of the Crochet-A-Long (CAL)  and will be saved in your Ravelry library.  After the CAL the pattern will become a paid pattern, but will remain in your Ravelry library for those who downloaded it while it was free with Coupon Code.  Weekly Clues will be provided as Ravelry Updates.  Coupon Code for this year’s Mysteryghan is mghan17.   Please do not share the Coupon Code on social media, but direct people to this website.  Thank you for purchasing yarn for your project through the links on this website.  Yarn Packs will be available any day in my Deramores shop, link to the right side of the page.  Use #MiddayMandala and/or #JulieYeagerMysteryGhan to tag photos. First Clue September 27, 2017!

I love to see active participation and sharing of results and successes along the way.  Crochet-A-Long on my Ravelry board and my Facebook CAL group, called “Crochet-A-Long with JulieAnny.”  Share photos in your crochet groups, on Facebook and Instagram, and help spread the word about my designs.  All my available designs can be found in my Ravelry Store.  To get to know my patterns, for CAL participants only, here are two more Coupon Codes to use in my Ravelry Store to receive $3.00 off the price of any $4.99 pattern, with no limit, use Coupon Code 3/4,  and to take $3.00 off the price of any 7.99 pattern, use Coupon Code 3/7  at   These coupons expire December 31, 2017.  My patterns are also available in my Etsy shop and on   Thank you to my wonderful testers!

Yarn:  Scheepjes Stone Washed XL, 47 skeins, about 3600 yards

  • Main Color (MC): Moonstone, 20 skeins, about 1600 yards, 18 skeins, about 1450 yards
  • Color A: Turquoise, 5 skeins, about 380 yards, 6 skeins, about 450 yards
  • Color B: Lemon Quartz, 1 skein, about 45 80 yards
  • Color C: Canada Jade, 1 skein, about 55 yards
  • Color D: Blue Apatite, 6 skeins, about 460 yards
  • Color E: Boulder Opal, 7 skeins, about 570 yards
  • Color F: Larimar, 2 skeins, about 150 yards
  • Color G: Brown Agate, 5 skeins, about 380 yards 

Hook:  U.S. Size I9 (5.5 mm)

  • I used a Main Color and seven Contrasting Colors. I chose three shades of  blue/green (Turquoise, Blue Apatite, Larimar) and three shades of beige/brown (Moonstone, Boulder Opal, Brown Agate,) for the majority of the design, with small amounts of two colors for a little “POP” – Lemon Quartz and Canada Jade.  If you want to use fewer colors, use F for B and E for C.  I think as long as you use Main Color where called for it will flow nicely.
  • Scheepjes StoneWashed XL is a heavy worsted/aran weight yarn with a smooth hand and great stitch definition. Thank you for purchasing yarn through the links here on my website.
  • 9/5 Edited to add about color choices:  Some people asked what I meant by “Pops” of color for Color B and C and if they should be contrasting colors. I just meant the pops were a small amount of a seventh and eighth color but that most of the afghan is in the other six colors. I still think all 8 colors should coordinate nicely. If you like them all together in the skein it will be fine. Line up your colors like this to see if they look good: A, MC, B, MC, C, MC, D, MC, A, E, MC, F, MC, E, MC, D, MC, A, G, MC, E, MC. Recommend G and E two shades of the same color.  Recommend A and E not be similar. Recommend A and G not be similar.

Edited to add:  Yarn Packs coming soon.  There will be 5 yarn pack choices available in my Deramores Shop.  “Turquoise” Colorway in Scheepjes Stone Washed XL which is like my sample, “Turquoise” Colorway in Scheepjes Colour Crafter, “Sunrise” Colorway in Stone Washed XL and Colour Crafter, and “Rich Autumn” in Colour Crafter.

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